Savita Sittler
Welcome! I'm a senior portrait and lifestyle photographer based in State College, PA. 
Whether I am photographing a graduating senior or a couple that's madly in love, my goal is the same: I want to tell your story.
 Take a look around and if you enjoy what you see shoot me an email and let's get to know each other!


Hi, I’m Savita!


I am a photographer that has her roots and heart in film photography. Because of this, my photos are uniquely and thoughtfully composed, showcase real and authentic emotion, and exhibit a nostalgic film-like quality.

Every session I do is a new opportunity for me to explore my creativity and push myself. When I’m behind the camera I soulfully delve into each moment in order to bring out the story from my subject and the environment. All I hope to set out to do is create imagery that is unique and genuine and something that has deep significance and meaning to you.

This is my passion and I am so excited that I get to share it with you!


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