More About Me


People often ask me if I was a military kid, but the truth is, I was just fortunate enough to have parents with a big appetite for adventure. I grew up in a very nomadic lifestyle. Every couple of years or so we would pack up our belongings and move on to the next city, the next country, or sometimes the next continent and I freakin loved every minute of it.

Looking back now, it makes sense why two of the most important things in my life are: Family and Photographs. Moving around my consistent best friends were always my siblings. Everyone else was new and full of potential. My dad was (and still is) the family photographer in our lives. I could not be more grateful for that. Because we moved so often, we packed light, which meant a lot of things got left behind. I can remember more than a few times when we had to leave a favorite toy behind. Still, what stayed were boxes full of photographs from over the years. For all the things we lost along the way, my mother made a point to keep the pictures.
For us these stacks of printed photographs are memories we can hold, laugh at, or even just remember how bad that outfit really was.