More About Me


People often ask me if I was a military kid. The truth is, I was just fortunate enough to have parents with a big appetite for adventure. I grew up in a very nomadic lifestyle. Every couple of years or so we would pack up our belongings and move on to the next city, the next country, or sometimes the next continent. I freakin loved every minute of it and would not be who I am today without those diverse experiences.

Looking back now, it makes sense why two of the most important things in my life are: Family and Photographs. Moving around, I could always count on my family to be there for me while I learned new languages and met new friends.
My dad was, and still is, the family photographer in our lives. I could not be more grateful for that. Because we moved so often, we packed light, leading to a lot of things getting left behind. I can remember more than a few times when we had to say goodbye to a beloved toy. But for all the things we lost along the way, my mother made it a point to preserve our photographs. For us these stacks of printed photographs are memories we can now hold, laugh at, and relive cherished memories.