I am mother to a beautiful little baby boy. Our adventures together are only just beginning and I'm having so much fun watching this cheeky boy grow into his own person.

I am crazy into Martial Arts. I am currently a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and first degree black belt in Aikido. I’m super friendly though I promise. I’m a lover at heart. <3


I was born in Frankfurt , Germany to a Brazilian mother and a Austrian father. We spent most of our lives nomadically moving all around Europe, Brazil, and the U.S.
Spontaneity for adventure is my comfort zone.

I love going backpacking. My husband and I try to go on one or two big trips every year and go sporadically on weekend trips. Not going to lie, one of my favorite parts about our trips is eating the delicious meals I planned out for us!


We have a super awesomely goofy Great Dane named Goose. And even though this wasn’t really planned out, he completes our abnormally tall family. We would have suited well to the intro scene of 101 Dalmatians where the owner’s and dogs are perfect matches. :)

I have a love affair with black and white photographs. I developed my own for a while and dream to one day have a darkroom I can call home. This is what I hope to do when I'm old and retired and living in my cabin in the woods.
(This was taken with a 4x5 large viewfinder camera.)