Mommy & Me | Urban Portrait Session | Downtown State College, PA


My sister came down from Philadelphia for her birthday and asked me for a portrait session with her son as her gift. So off we went to the big city of downtown State College (hah) for an urban adventure!

We've moved all around the world as a family growing up, but so far we've spent the longest amount of time here in State College. We've hit so many various milestones here like graduating from high school and college and now we're running around downtown with our kids! So crazy for us to reflect on. It's like it's a whole different place to us now.


Say what!? Check out this awesomely cute GIF below! <3


As we were traipsing around town, I thought it would be a good idea to get some yummy snack for Khalil to be rewarded with for being so good. I'm thinking cupcakes, chocolates, gooey cookies, you know, the good stuff. My sister agreed that a treat was in order!
I couldn't believe she picked out a bag of oranges as the indulgence, assuring me he would be pumped about it. I laughed as I was skeptical about that choice. Lo and behold, it was like we told him he was going to Disneyworld when presented with his delicacy, haha. Mama knows best that's for sure!


I love seeing what a wonder the world is through a child's eyes. Just crossing a street looks like a marvelous time!

And now, time for that sweet vitamin C reward!